13.04.2018: BMW muss über 11.000 Fahrzeuge zurückrufen

The Federal Motor Transport Authority has ordered the recall of 11,700 BMW vehicles, which include an inadmissible shutdown device in the exhaust gas cleaning. Affected are the following models:

– BMW M550d xDrive Sedan (production 03 / 2012-10 / 2016)

– BMW M550d xDrive Touring (production 03 / 2012-02 / 2017)

– BMW 750d xDrive (production 07 / 2012-06 / 2015)

– BMW 750Ld xDrive (production 07 / 2012-06 / 2015)

BMW wants the – actually intended for other models – exhaust software misled by mistake. The vehicles should now be recalled and equipped with the correct software.

For the law enforcement agencies, the case is not settled: They suspect that BMW has manipulated the diesel exhaust emission control by software and cheated on it. “There is the initial suspicion that the BMW AG uses a test stand-related defeat device,” said the Munich public prosecutor. The prosecutors became active after representatives of BMW had admitted that an inadmissible defeat device had been installed.

If the allegations prove that BMW used an illegal automatic shutdown, this could result in claims for damages of the owners. As in the case of “Volkswagen”, buyers may be entitled to compensation, ie replacement of a comparable vehicle from current series production or repayment of the purchase price.

Lawyers Due to the use of illegal defeat devices, Späth & Partner have already filed numerous lawsuits against Daimler AG and car dealers at the regional courts of Berlin, Bochum, Dresden, Duisburg, Essen, Flensburg, Freiburg, Frankfurt (Oder), Hamburg, Hanover, Kiel. Lübeck, Oldenburg and Stuttgart submitted. We also advise owners of the affected BMW vehicles as part of a free initial consultation, in particular, which possibilities exist to enforce claims for damages. We are also happy to contact your legal expenses insurance.

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